BigData Chatbot – chatbot powered by machine learning that acquires knowledge from company documents

Imagine this is the first time you’re using a company car. Unfortunately, the fuel light turns on in the middle of the route. You don’t want to bother your colleagues, so you wonder where you could find the address of the nearest petrol station cooperating with your company on your own. You know that there is such information in “The Rules Governing the Use of the Fleet for Business Trips”, but you don’t have it at hand, and even if you did, you wouldn’t imagine stopping the car on the shoulder of the road and searching through a few dozen pages because you need an answer now.

And suddenly… it dawns on you that your colleagues kept saying “if you need anything just ask the chatbot”. You stop the car, ask a question and your phone immediately displays a list of petrol stations where you can refuel your company car and you can breathe in peace again.