12 frequently asked questions related to the communication app

Why did we create an internal communication app?

Anticipating the question: No – this is not an app that competes with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Skype or WebEx. Our app is a tool for communicating with people who work physically. This could be production workers, store workers or field workers.

We built such an application because we know that a good flow of information can take a company to a whole new level of performance. A level that most managers don’t even realize is achievable. And that’s without turning the company upside down!

Several projects in larger companies have already allowed us to gain some experience. We understand the needs of employees and try to make the implementation process as fruitful and painless as possible. Both for the companies and for us 🙂

However, there are always some doubts in the minds of directors, managers and team leaders when introducing such a product to their company. This is fully understandable and even expected! So we decided to collect those questions that recur most often and answer them in the form of a neat FAQ. Here are:

12 frequently asked questions related to the communication app

Q: Once the app is installed, will important corporate information be available on private phones?

An app is not likely to be a tool where secret information is stored. It is a tool to improve the flow of information that should be public knowledge. This can range from work schedules, news about personnel changes to current company successes.

It should also be remembered that important information is always stored in the memory of employees. Whether the data is acquired through company newsletters or the intranet – any employee can share them during meetings with friends or family. It all depends on the trust in the people employed.

However, we can ensure the security of the information by protecting it with rules and regulations. The user then agrees not to share specific information.

Q: Why do we need an application when we already have an intranet?

First of all – the app is simply more convenient, and therefore more likely to be used. We designed it in the likeness of popular social networks. As a result, the content is short, easy to read and can be enhanced with photos and videos. Employees also have the ability to like and comment on posts.

Access from a private phone also significantly increases the frequency of interacting with information. In addition, the intranet is usually only available internally, which limits contact with company life outside of working hours.

Q: Does the application run in the cloud?

The application can either run in the cloud or on the company’s internal servers. If you choose the cloud option, we use either Amazon or European servers, such as on OVH.

Q: Is it time-consuming to implement the application?

The time to implement the application usually ranges from two weeks to several months. This is due to purely practical reasons: in an ideal situation, we have all the data we need right away, we know exactly what functions are needed, and integration with internal systems goes smoothly. In reality, companies usually need some time to think carefully about the application profile. Leaders interview departments and discuss employees’ needs. We know from experience that this process is time-consuming.

In addition, the IT department often performs security testing before deployments begin. They need access to the demo panel and check the application for integration with internal systems. Only passing these tests allows us to get started.

Of course, finishing the implementation does not equal finishing the work on internal communication. The application is just a tool, so you need to use it wisely. It is worth creating a dedicated team to add content and contact employees.

Q: Won’t using the app give production workers an excuse to use the phone while working?

A case study of the app implementation at Volkswagen shows that no such problems have occurred. Information is always available, so one can get information during a break, for example. However, if the company were afraid of problems related to this, such a dilemma should be solved by internal regulations.

Q: How much does it cost to implement the application?

Two types of implementation are possible: Subscription payment or one-time payment. For the subscription option, the price depends on the number of active users. Details can be found here:


Q: What’s next for the development of the application after it is implemented?

The implementation of the application in each company looks a little different and depends on the needs of the employees. At Expansio, we have a prepared base with the basic functions of the application. We then add and remove specific functionalities on an ongoing basis as the need occurs. In such a situation, we estimate the time and cost of such an implementation.

Q: Is the app being adopted, especially among older employees?

At Volkswagen, 30% of employees log in to the app daily, and 70% log in at least once a month. Among them are also older people.

In case of problems – the communication app has a dedicated hotline. Anyone who has a problem with logging in, installing or using it can report there.

Q: Does the application have technical support?

We give a lifetime guarantee for proper performance. We always fix bugs for free, regardless of the date they were discovered. We also offer paid technical support (calculated by the hour) for cosmetic changes or any other help. We also take care of updating libraries used in the code.

Q: How is the application published?

The app is published in the Google Play store and the App Store, but only employees can log in. They receive their account data after integrating with the company’s internal system. There is also a section for visitors who do not have an employee account, but it has fewer features.

Q: Where else has the application been implemented?

In addition to Volkswagen, implementations are currently underway at other companies. For confidentiality reasons, we are currently not naming these companies publicly. Please contact us privately for details.

Q: Is the application designed only for very large companies?

No, we also work with smaller companies (up to a few hundred employees).


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